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Global procurement opens up price advantages through the regionally different pricing policies of some manufacturers, volume quotas (since higher quantities are sold in certain markets) and, depending on the exchange rate, advantageous currency differences.

Our experience in managing material sets and our technical background enable us to understand your logistics and production processes and to advise you strategically on possible optimizations by streamlining the article master (multiple use of similar components), alternatives and comparison types and the resulting quality and cost advantages.


Our quality assurance begins with the choice of our suppliers, as we only work with reliable foreign companies. In addition, a number of QA procedures ensure the first-class quality of the components we deliver.

Access to global stocks gives our customers the opportunity to receive goods in good time that are not available locally or that have long delivery times.

Rapid Response and Streamlined Distribution Processes will allow you to get the materials you need, promptly and without compromising your Production Lines


Predefined packaging Units (SPQ) or Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) from

the manufacturer or supplier often lead to excess material stock,   

Our knowledge of the market enables us to buy stock optimized (Part-Part) without compromising on quality.

In Our offer, we indicate the expected residual material stocks, upon request we we will develop intelligent solutions with you to reduce this cost factor.


Many of our customers believe “what we know is more important than what we do.” , we leverage years of data analytics and trends to navigate our customers through their dynamic supply chain. Our global partners  collect supply and demand data and help create matches in the market that solve the business problems our customers face.


We take over the complete system-technical mapping of the material set (master data creation, needs assessment, order processing, supplier monitoring). Your order processing is reduced to ordering one item. You will receive a delivery with all the necessary components and an invoice when the material set is complete and you can produce. This is a real relief that gives you space to concentrate fully on your core business.


Our Founding team members with more than 15+ years  experience in Indian electronic component industry is to reckon with, We stick to the principle of loyalty & service at any given day.

Major Supporting  Lines;

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